Criminal Justice

Our firm serves as defence counsel in criminal cases, large or small. As the accused in a criminal trial facing police charges, it is your right to be assisted by a solicitor at all stages of the process. As a rule, solicitor's fees are covered by the state. Even suspects who have not been formally charged may be entitled to recover their solicitor's fees in serious cases.

Our office offers you a quick assessment of your status with regard to potential recovery of expenses.

Indeed, it is often wise to seek the advice of a solicitor who can assess the case, even if you do not qualify for assistance from a public defender.

We can also assist with your enquiries and complaints in cases involving confiscation of a driver's licence or vehicle operator's licence, whatever the reason for the sanction, be it speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or other factors.

Child Welfare

Moorthy's solicitors offer assistance to parents and children throughout Norway who, for whatever reason, are entitled to legal representation in child welfare cases.

In these processes it is important to carefully monitor all contacts and communication with the Child Welfare Services from the very outset of the intervention. Whenever coercive action is announced by the CWS, this generally triggers a right to legal representation paid for by the public purse. The entitlement applies to parents and to children over the age of 14 who are caught up in the process. We assist private individuals – parents and/or children – in case of emergency orders, removal of custody, reversal of custody, and cases involving parental visitation. Moorthy's solicitors can advise at all stages in the process, from direct action by the local CWS, through the County Social Welfare Board appeal process, and in a regular court of law.

It is not always easy to know what assistance you are entitled to in these types of cases, and what solutions are the best. We will be happy to help you identify the best options. Please contact Moorthy's for a non-binding consultation regarding your situation.

Victim Representation

In certain cases where a criminal offence has been committed, the victim or aggrieved party may be entitled to free legal counsel, who will assist and protect your interests throughout the criminal trial.

Under the Criminal Procedure Act, victims of crime have certain legal rights. Moorthy's can protect your interests throughout the criminal process. As a victim, you have the right to attend all court sessions during the investigation and main trial, including closed-door sessions. You have the right to be informed of the investigative progress made by the police, and to view documents generated by their enquiries.

Our firm is ready to help victims of crime present their compensation claims during the criminal trial process.

Family Law

Moorthy's solicitors are pleased to offer assistance with everything from drawing up and executing co-habitation and pre-nuptial agreements, to divorce papers and end-of-partnership settlements. Break-ups can often result in disputes about property and common children, so we can offer help and guidance with making suitable arrangements.