The standard hourly rate starts at NOK 1500 ex VAT. The rate varies depending on the nature of the case, its scope and the hours spent. Hours are counted to the nearest 15 minutes (minimum charge).


Norwegian law allows defendants to choose a solicitor to represent them in a criminal trial. In many cases, the costs involved will be covered by the public purse. This is the case if you are charged with a criminal offence and must attend the main hearing, or are arrested and detained for more than 24 hours. You may also be entitled to a public defender if you are charged with an offence during the investigation of a crime.

If you are not entitled to the services of a free public defender, our standard hourly rates will apply.

Har du ikke krav på forsvarer dekket av det offentlige vil våre alminnelige timepriser gjelde.


Under the Free Legal Aid Act, clients in certain types of cases may be entitled to recover all or part of their solicitor’s fees, provided the client's income or assets do not exceed a certain threshold. Moorthy's solicitors will help you determine whether you qualify for free legal aid before signing our Engagement Letter.